No testimony without a test!

Sometimes life seems unfair.. Sometimes it feels like the world is turning upside down.. The struggles are real and you ask…why me? Sometimes you loose sight of the possibilities because all your eyes can see is all the bad things happening around. Sometimes you want to throw in the towel and say I’m done!

It’s okay to feel this way and go through these moments, but it’s not okay to let these moments consume you or dictate how your life should be.

Have you ever been put to test about any situation, circumstance or experience and you came through? A test could be an assessment, evaluation, or trial used to determine the capability, suitability or even reliability of something/someone to establish character, quality, skill or readiness for a particular position, etc.

Before a testimony comes a test, comes trials and tribulations in various forms. But you have to stand the test, you have to pay your dues. It’s easy to name every great man/woman you know, every one sees the fame and fortune but no one realizes the pain, the tests, struggles and hardwork they have put in and are still putting in.

A test is a time of purification and refinement, a time of positioning for destiny. Remember gold has to pass through the gold-miners burning furnaces to be purified… To become GOLD. And so your test will become part of your testimony.

That painful experience, bitter situation, etc might just be your testing ground for greatness. To determine your readiness for the next level so be sure how you react to it. In your testing ground; * Be faithful, the way up is usually down. * Be steadfast and patient * Be strong and courageous. Your testimony might just be closer than you think, don’t give up!

There has to be a mess for a message, a test for a testimony, a rain for the rainbow. Even the word TEST has to be spelt before TESTIMONY.

PS: My dearly beloved country Nigeria is 56, She got independent 1st Oct, 1960. This is wishing us all a happy Independence Day celebration Nigeria.





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