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Noise vs Sound reality!

It isn’t difficult to differentiate between noise and sound. Noise is an unpleasant sound that isn’t wanted. Sound itself is a vibration that travels through air, water and sensed by the ear.

Noise can be sound, the main difference is that whereas noise is undesirable, sound is, whereas noise is irrelevant, sound is.

In our daily life, we experience both sound and noise vibrations but the difficulty is separating one from the other and knowing which is relevant and which is not.

Often times, we tend to focus our mind & thoughts on noise instead of sound. What resonation are you focusing on? Inspiring or limiting ones? Positive or negative mindset? Strengths or weaknesses? What you often think about becomes your reality. We need to concentrate our activities/interests on what is relevant. (Sound)

We all keep associations. But do they all encourage us? Do they motivate or bring out our best? Do they influence us positively? The choice is entirely yours on what vibrations you want to keep receiving.

Some people do not even realize what negativity they impact on the lives of others, other people simply derive joy in putting others down by playing victim and at all costs, limit your time and stay away from such people. Just like noise, they are irrelevant, unpleasant and unwanted. You don’t need vibrations that causes a lot of stress to your brain do you? Here’s an illustration…


Our environment and society also emits noise & sound vibrations, it is present in all areas of human activity but you can choose to let noise distract and annoy you or decide to ignore, develop your inner strength and in the process, gain will-power, self-discipline and sense of satisfaction.

All you need is sweet melody and positive connotions in a world where all forms of negativity and toxicity exists.






7 thoughts on “Noise vs Sound reality!”

  1. my good with literature, but d figure of speech u used drives dis point deep down within…….. noise , be it in form of sound, person, etc…. distorts one n distorts ones vision… thanks a lot for dis…. one love babe… keep inspiring us all..


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