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What’s in your hand?

Hi guys, Welcome to another beautiful week, thanks for joining me here. I’m doing a topic I’d say is a part 2 of a previous topic, see HERE.


I look at that picture up there and it reminds me there’s something deposited in each and everyone of us. A special ability, skill, talent, something we all have.

We’re all blessed with a few God-given ability (ies) and a big part of our lives is discovering what they are and utilizing them.

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When you align your natural skills to your purpose, it reveals your values, your personality, and your uniqueness which significantly flames up a passion towards an accomplishment.

There’s a reason for your gifting, the world should benefit from it. It doesn’t matter what your paper qualification is or how old you are.

Isaac Newton formulated the law of gravity at 24. At 74, Kent wrote his finest philosophical work.

30 year old Temi Kolawole, CEO of Antigravity ~ a web design and development company in Nigeria, in his words…

“I just had to look at the bigger picture and realize that I was aiming for something much more than a salary. Even though it might not materialize immediately or might take a longer time to get there, I knew what I wanted to do”.

Den Ijaware of Dej shoes enterprises in his words,

” I used to draw a lot when I was a little boy. I’d just see something and draw. I’d draw cars, cartoon characters, just anything that fascinated me and I still do. But now I draw shoes. I love to think about a design, scribble it on a piece of paper and bring it to life”.

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When God blesses you with a gift, it is for you to apply it, create a solution, serve Him and be of service to others.

Love what you do, pursue a worthy objective and remember to awaken your potentials.




2 thoughts on “What’s in your hand?”

  1. I really like that part of coming to an understanding that most likely, it won’t pay from the start
    That’s where your passion would be your fuel
    And at the end of the day, you’d know it was all worth it because you don’t choose your passion or those gifts, they are given to you and so they pretty much consume every part of you.


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