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Blogger recognition award.

Ok this is exciting! Today is Saturday my favorite day. Y’all know My love 4 Saturday… Woke up to a delightful email, Jessicahugoinspire blogger recognition award. Isn’t it awesome?

imageThe blogger recognition award was created to Recognise some blogs impacting the blogosphere and i feel honored to be mentioned. Thanks Lesley ~ mychronicles007.wordpress.com for nominating me.

The rules:

  1. Why you started blogging
  2. A piece of advice to new bloggers
  3. Nominate others

Question one has been answered a couple of times, it is an interesting piece, read HERE.

My piece of advice to other new bloggers, I guess networking with other blogs in your niche and building a community where you can learn and grow and share ideas is very beneficial. It is also a means of showcasing your blog. On that note, make sure to connect with me too on social media, and follow my blog via email. Obrigado!

I am nominating every active reader/follower of Jessicahugoinspire.com. Like I dunno how to express my joy, feels like I’ve met every one of you personally already. Y’all rock and y’all are appreciated.

As you start and end your day, be thankful for every little thing in your life, you will come to realize how blessed you are.






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