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The possibility of Impossibility.

Impossible–I’m possible. These two words have same letters but mean different things. While one is in the negative, the other is in the affirmative.

Is there something, an idea, a vision or a goal in your heart that you think is unattainable or impossible? Give it a try. I know the hardest part is in starting… It’s in attempting… It’s in taking a chance. But it is better to try than to grow old wishing you did.

I know the fear of failure, the unknown, uncertainty, indecision, clouds our mind while we think of what to do and how. Do I or do I not? Which tends to make us hold back and hesitate. I know… But hey, life itself is risky so why not?

imageThe thing is, sometimes you have to build the door for opportunity to knock. Maybe the opportunity has been lurking around waiting for you to take the plunge or maybe you’re having a hard time identifying it. There are two things,  it’s either you win or you win.

Whats your guts telling you? A writer once wrote that ” self trust is the foundation for greatness“. Listen to that still small voice of conviction when it says go! Trust your heart and take the chance. When you put your heart to a thing and work towards it, even the universe will conspire to make it work.

They say those who think it’s impossible shouldn’t interrupt those doing it. If you think you can, you can! You must resist fear and have the courage to do what you want to do if it’s right. Know when the heart says go and obey.

It is possible… I am possible…it is achievable. You only need to gather enough momentum to actually start DOING. You can’t just conclude in the negative when you’ve not even tried. Its a win-win situation either ways, but a total loss if you don’t attempt.

I write, yea. I create content. I woke up one day and took the plunge. I fought that battle of hesitancy and I won. Now I see potential opportunities already, I am creating my brand. I wouldn’t otherwise see this if I didn’t make an attempt. You should too. Even if I decide to branch off to other things tomorrow, I know I have my little space on the web to reach out and inspire. It’s a win-win situation and it is definitely possible.


Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion. And I tell you, a misguided one.

Here is a slogan from Mo Abudu’s Ebonylife TV and I’m adopting it.

If you can think it, you can do it“.





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