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The sunshine blogger award

Yay..Yayyyyy!! Guess who’s got an award? Yea me. blushing .

So Lesley, mychronicles007.wordpress.com, made me a recipient of the Sunshine blogger award. I’m so excited.  This award is designed to honour bloggers who bring the most sunshine into our lives with their posts/feeds.

Barely four months into blogging and I have an awesome award already,Wow! * etighi dance*


So here are the rules:

  1. Thank your nominator

  2. Answer questions from your nominator

  3.  Nominate others

  4. Give them your own questions.

Now before I get down to nominating others, let me quickly answer the questions thrown at me:

What do you do when you’re lonely?
Read! I read magazines or surf the Internet for useful information.

Explain what is love at first sight?
I’d say it means falling in love with someone the moment you meet them for the first time. For me, this is barely physical attraction until you really know someone deeply enough to define that love.

Have you ever engaged in a relationship in your teen? If yes, share your experience.
Well… Yes. I met my husband as a teen in the university but we were very good friends for the most part cos we concentrated more on our studies. We got married a few years afterwards.

What was the initial reason to start your blog?
As a way to express myself. My thoughts, opinion, ideas as well as inspire others. You can read my post on Why I write.  And also my first ever welcome post Here.

What will you present to your boyfriend/girlfriend on their birthdays?
wow!! My husband’s birthday is fast approaching so I’d rather live that as a surprise.

How to get off friend zone?
Speak up! Say your mind.

How will you propose to the girl you love?
I’d live this for the guys to do.

Is drinking good or not?
I guess if you do anything in excess then it is indeed not good as you’ll hurt yourself and your loved ones. You should put your health in check while at it.

After a break up from your relationship, how to get rid of it?
Let go! Maybe if it’s meant to be, nature will find its way.

How to surprise your girlfriend?
ermm…do anything fun, exciting with a bit of surprise element. I dunno.. Lol

Ok so here are my nominees:

  • jaycolby.com









And here are my questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?

2) What super-power  would you wish for if you wanted one?

3)Where is your favorite travel destination?

4)What would you not be caught wearing?

5) What inspires you?

6) Who’s your best author and which book?

7) What’s your goal for your blog?

8)Introvert or extrovert?

9) Which do you prefer? Red hair, black or blonde?

10). What’s your typical day like?

Now get to work and don’t forget… If you can see it, it is possible!






10 thoughts on “The sunshine blogger award”

  1. What an amazing honor. I loved this award, too. It’s so important to spread joy and cheer. Congratulations.


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