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Monday Inspiration-Keep trying…

Hey guys, welcome to a fresh day and week, another opportunity given to us to stay positive, keep striving and believing in the success of our endeavors. To never quit on ourself or think those goals, whatever it is, is not achievable. It is, but we have to keep trying.

So long as there is a vision, there is commitment of some sort, and there is the needed persistent spirit, whatever present circumstances, socio-economic factors, etc that may seem it bleak, can be surmounted and those goals achieved, if you keep trying.


The road to actualizing your dreams may not be all smooth and rosy. Sometimes you fail, encounter obstacles, challenges, adversity, rejection, etc. But that doesn’t mean you should stay there or place limitation on yourself. There are many routes to success depending on your own definition. You should take whatever routes to it, if you tried and failed before, keep trying… That’s not the end. The best success stories often begin with failure, rejection, etc. life is struggle.

Focus, commitment, determination, hardwork, perseverance, belief, keep going.

I’m inspired by Simon Cowell’s story, Vera Wang failed to make the US Olympic figure-skating team, she took another route to success today, she’s a major figure in the fashion industry and her retail price is valued over $1billion. Oprah Winfrey was fired for being too “emotionally attached” with stories she reported. Today, she owns her OWN network and is one of the most successful women in the world.


You will succeed!

Have a beautiful day…






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