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My love 4 Saturday…

I couldn’t think of a topic to express my love for Saturdays..I love Saturdays, I sincerely do. I fell in love with Saturdays back in primary school when I knew you don’t have to wake up early to go to school.

On Friday nights, I stay up late watching my favorite TV programs without the usual..” Go and sleep you’ll go to school tomorrow” interruptions. Phew!! How time flies.

on a regular 9-5 day job, doesn’t it feel fabulous just seeing Friday approach? Knowing Saturday follows and no work!! 💃💃.

I’m still in love with Saturdays though… But now school is about to resume.. Mixed feelings… I’m glad “little man” will be going back to school, he’s been reciting everything and painting the whole house for me. But then again..school-run and everything that follows. 😢😢 but atleast there’s a Saturday I don’t have mad routines.💃💃 don’t you just love days like this? Hehehe


Saturday is the real weekend! Before you get back from a 9-5 on Friday with all the traffic and all, the day is gone. And Some Sunday services last more than 6hours … So it all boils down to the big day, SATURDAY! With new food recipes to try, casually and  beautifully enjoying the serenity of your home, sleeping so well the previous night, awwwh… My love for Saturdays..

What day is your favorite?  Or don’t you love Saturdays with me? Let me know your thoughts..


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8 thoughts on “My love 4 Saturday…”

  1. Ohhh my favourite day is Thursday. I really love it because I was born on that day Nd back then in my childhood days,my mom usually prepares my favourite meal. Lol!


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