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6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!

Yea I know celebrity news & gossips sell, I know people want to be reading and bashing the government and the economy on daily basis. The economic recession is real and people are packing to their villages.

But hey that’s why I’m here, for inspiration and motivation. I’m a carrier of good news. And I want to share with you a few ways we could survive this economy. Let’s go deep…


1) Shopping: If you weren’t recycling your wardrobe effectively, here is the time to start being creative with your style as you re-rock and re-rock. Seriously no one notices how many times you’ve rocked that shirt or pants if you re-style them pretty well. This isn’t the time for the usual weekly shopping spree.

2). Fuel consumption: Honestly I know we’ve been doing what the government is supposed to be doing for us on electricity & power by use of generating set but it’s time to cut-down on frequent usage. And then, driving to places of walkable distance?  really? We can start exercising by walking and jogging to those near-by places to reduce fuel consumption and even stay fit.

3). Luxurious vacations: haaa! Airlines are shutting down operations and people are going on abroad vacations? At a time like this? Summer is over… There’s another one coming.

4). This is especially for the guys… Do you know you can actually watch that Arsenal, Man U match in your sitting room? Eh yes I know hanging out is fun but you can invite them over and play Ludo or chess instead. You will save money. Y’all know yourselves. Hehehe…

5). You can live more healthily by drinking more water and saving the beers and other expensive liquors. You will live longer. Hehe

6) lastly, there’s whatsapp and BBM and many other messaging apps. Why spend credit to ask a friend what’s the color of her hair? If that call isn’t to save a life or even productive, Omoh send text message. 🤐

By whatever means, save cost please.

Happy weekend Y’all…




2 thoughts on “6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!”

  1. This is good if our men will adhere to it and if women will cut down on shopping. Am beginning to learn to do some things I spend money on to buy. If I can do them my self why spend so much buying them. Pst Ugo N.


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