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Finding a new you…(1 min read).

So yea, it’s a new month, we’re all basking in the joy of welcoming a fresh month which ushers us into the ’ember’ months. New month, new blessings, new everything! How about a new you? No this isn’t that normal new year resolutions, it’s about finding yourself a new & being a better version of yourself.

It’s about renewing your mind, recreation, it’s about a different view and perspective, and all there is, about you on the inside, in a positive way that showcases a better and improved you on the outside. It’s about being seen in another light in a better way.


We buy new stuffs, new shoes, new clothes, new hair, new etc but remain in our old self. But why would everything keep changing but you? Are there some habits you might want to quit in order to improve on yourself? Are there some associations that do not serve your purpose nor impact positively in your life? Are there things you do that does not reflect your values? Are there new ventures and opportunities you might want to open up to? How about setting new goals?

Don’t live in the moment. Let the moment not be just about the moment alone, let it transcend & encompass everything about you a new too and  into the future. Since we are in the era of change, ( my Naija people hehe) let us all embrace change and throw the old self away.

BTW, wishing y’all lovely people a fulfilling new month and a re-branded self.




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