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5 things every blog-writer can relate with!

Though i’m kinda new to blogging, I’ve been a writer for as long as i can remember. Blogging & creating content is a life-changing experience for me. I love to write, this is Why I write. I’ve written many articles in the past but found it hard to properly document them so i end up loosing them, perhaps I would have authored several books by now. *arrggh

But I’m glad I get to blog now. As a blog-writer and content creator, here are five things you can relate with:


  • You get inspirations & potential blog post ideas from literally everything. Your environment, people, events, books, etc.

  • Ideas can drop at awkward times and places. E.g in the bathroom, in the market, etc

  • You’re constantly asking people to follow you on all platforms. Lol Ehen, please follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my mail list. Thank you. 💋

  • You’re almost always checking your stats and page views. ( As a newbie, I am soooo guilty of this).  But hey, we all want to know right?

  • You stay up really late sometimes to write, type or edit your posts.

Do all these  conform to you as a newbie too?

Do share your thoughts..




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