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Culture shock

Hey my people, there are so many cultures in this world o. Infact in this country alone, when you go to some remote areas and see their own way of life eh, I’m sure your mouth will stay open for one week. Sometime ago, BBC broke the news of a community in Malawi where it is mandatory for young girls entering puberty to be “introduced” to womanhood over a 3-day period by men they call hyenas. Some of whom are even HIV positive.

You visit some countries and you see men proudly wearing skirts. Or some others were frog-eating is a delicacy. There are cultures I tell you and some of them are fascinating. In some countries, you don’t greet…”goodmorning mum or dad”, you say…”hi dad, hi mum”. Don’t try it in Nigeria. ( make you no prostrate give your parents your buttocks go give you the message). You dare not call someone older than you aunty or uncle, you call them by their first name. E.g Miss Ann, Mr Ben.


Infact there are some parties you are obliged to come with your own drinks when they invite you or you pay for each drink you take there. Some will even collect gate-fee on top. In Nigeria, you wan try Yoruba ‘owanbe’? Or Lagos party? That will be topic for another day.

In India, the woman pays dowry to the family of the man to marry their son. In Nigeria, it is the other way round. Cultures are unique and quite interesting..

I remember having my babies in one Oyibo country like that and was served chilled water, apple juice and ice cream immediately after. You can imagine the expression on my face…

imageWhere I come from, you are only allowed to eat hot food. Yam peppersoup, hot tea, etc. thanks to my wonderful family to the rescue.

Culture shock can be fun and quite fascinating, embrace it. Though some are cruel and barbaric and should be abolished forever.

Have you experienced culture shock? Let me know how you felt.



2 thoughts on “Culture shock”

  1. You shared your experience..”served chilled water,..”..we indians don’t treat you so. But we respect our culture. But won’t force you to respect so.
    Visit India. India awaits your visit. Experience our culture.😃


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