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Being courageously you!

Often, people say…”life is hard” and I feel compelled to ask…”Compared to what exactly?” No doubt the economic recession and hardship presently, has made almost everyone accept that phrase. But what is to be compared to life itself? A life of courage and hope, a life where you make mistakes, learn from them, fail and rise again, make choices and totally embrace your humanity.

A courageous heart looks beyond the present circumstances into the promising tomorrow and believes in his/her ability to transform ideas in concrete terms. When you refuse to be a captive of the environment you find yourself, no matter what anyone tells you, you know words and ideas can change the world. Don’t accept your limitations, act according to your belief. Starting is the scariest part…

Once you have a vision, an idea, a concept or whatever, start to ACT on it. The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a single step. When you are willing to pursue meaningful goals and act despite subjective fear, believing in yourself & ability and rising to the occasion no matter the obstacle or limitation, then that’s courage!

Embrace your uniqueness, practice the audacity to force yourself to go forward whenever you have the tendency of hesitancy. Take actions, calculated risks in the direction you’re going and stay on course.


Have a beautiful day…



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