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Life’s 2 rules.

Welcome to another amaaaazzzing week guys, the year is gradually coming to an end, soon the ’ember’ months will roll in and we would be counting days to xmas.

Last year, many of us vowed on the things we would achieve before the end of this year and even beyond… Don’t beat yourself yet, there’s still a few months to it if you haven’t yet. Economy don ‘dabaru’ but we have to keep the faith.

This brings me to today’s header, Life’s 2 rules. Or well, there isn’t basically any rule to life if:
1) You never quit and 2) Always remember number 1. Never stop trying new things, never stop learning and improving on yourself.


By actively taking the steps on the direction you want to go, Set goals and don’t quit until you attain them. When you do, set another and don’t quit until you reach it. Overcoming obstacles on your way makes life even more meaningful so don’t quit because of any obstacle. With a persistent spirit and a can-do attitude, your results are inevitable.

Do what you can, atleast try… If you aim at perfection, atleast if not, you can achieve excellence. It’s either you run the day, or the day runs you. Whatever you do, stay in motion.


#movingtrain #nevergiveup


Have a lovely week people, see you soon.



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