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Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

I have always loved the natural hair. The texture, curl/coil pattern, volume, beauty, and most importantly, how  healthy it is. Being a naturalista myself, I sought to know various ways I can grow and care for my hair better and Black Elegance hair consultancy came to mind. She is a trained online hair consultant and the producer of the wonderful black elegance forest growth oil. I’ve learnt a lot from her on my hair journey and I also use her product. She’s helped quite a lot of people reclaim their crown & reach their hair goals.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet MRS Emem IsikimaimageCEO Black Elegance hair consultancy. We had a chat with her, chillax and enjoy…

JH: What is B.E all about?
B.E: B.E is an online hair consultancy, we help clients tackle their hair issues and attain their hair goals.

JH: A lot of women believe the African hair doesn’t grow do you agree?
B.E: I totally disagree, our African hair does grow an average of 1/2 an inch a month, for some with good hair gene they notice up an inch or more a month except on rare cases of health issue. With proper regimen and care, we all can retain that growth.


JH: I see a lot of people with damaged edges and hair. What causes this and how can it be redeemed?

B.E: This could be the start of alopecia, could be caused by hair styles that put too much strain on the edges, postpartum shedding etc. Best way to redeem this is to avoid any style that strains your edges, stay hydrated by drinking at least 8cups of water daily to help circulate your blood properly and massage your edges daily with a good follicle repair and growth oil to help stimulate growth.

image(She used black elegance forest growth oil)

JH: People complain often about their hair being toospongyorstrong“. Is there a solution?
B.E: Keep your hair moisturized always and incorporate weekly deep conditioning to your regimen.

JH: What is the difference between DC and protein treatment and how often should this be done?
B.E: DC simply means deep conditioning. Moisture is water our hair needs water based DC to nourish it’s strands & create elasticity While Protein DC is what our hair needs for strength & structure. A balance of moisture DC & protein DC equals Healthy hair. How often this should be done depends on individual hair needs and hair porosity, personally I do a moisture DC once a week & protein DC once a month.

JH: Can you share with us a simple recipe for a good DC?
B.E: 1 very ripe banana, 1 very ripe avocado, 2tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp grape seed oil or any carrier oil of choice, 1 tbsp plane yorgurt. Blend all ingredients to a very smooth paste to avoid residues.

JH: How do we maintain our hair daily?
B.E: We can spritz our hair daily to trap in moisture, sleep wearing a satin bonnet or satin/silk scarf.

JH: I’ve seen how great your product B.E forest growth oil works on everyone who uses it. How does one get hold of it? Is it for the ladies alone?
B.E: Like us on our official Facebook page, send us a message to order. We also share hair tips. And No, for the men going bald, they could also use it and females who want to grow their hair and reclaim their edges.

JH: Thank you somuch for this insight.
B.E: Thank you Jessica for this wonderful discussion.

JH: my pleasure…

Go like her Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/ForestGrowthoil/  and BBM channel C00272DC6.  Her IG is @blackelegance82 And attain your hair goals. She provides hair tips for better hair growth, care and maintenance.


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Me, on my hair journey with B.E


Hope you enjoyed it…






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