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That word is exciting already isn’t it? When you talk about passion, you talk about energy, zeal, enthusiasm, love, fulfilment, etc.

“passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”~ Oprah Winfrey.

I’m going to base today’s post on Oprah’s quote. Energy… Excitement… Focus…Power… Aren’t those most of what one needs to live our dreams? The ability to wake up each day with the energy, joy, optimism, focus and power to face the day and move closer to your dreams.

With passion, consistency & persistency isn’t much of a do because you already love what you do and have the fortitude no matter the circumstances, to carry on.


To some, their job seems a lot of hardwork because it isn’t exactly what they’re passionate about or interested in. It probably doesn’t offer the liberty to use their creative ideas,( you must have to follow policy) or probably something you aren’t interested in so the enthusiasm, energy and power isn’t there to keep up and this often leads to stress and anxiety. Energy=efficiency =productivity.

Or maybe it isn’t even where you want to find yourself in 5years time and so there’s no drive and appeal to put extra effort. If your job aligns to your passion, 👍. You’re one of the few luckiest.

Most times, it may not even be in your training,(what you have a degree or certificate in) but it’s something that rather comes easy because its something you always love to do anyways.

If you find yourself Optimistic, energized, passionate about a particular craft or business or job why not build on it? In the words of Oprah, there’s joy and power that comes from that.

If you must live your dreams, then start seeing yourself doing things that move you each day a step closer. Dreams do come true if you keep moving and never quit! Live your passion, invest in your creative abilities, live your dreams!





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