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3 Perky Awards I can NOT win!

I woke up this morning feeling like a super woman Hehe… I have my daily must-do stuffs. The ones I like to handle myself. When I’m done, I feel super! You know that heroic feeling of winning a battle and feeling like a champ. Hehe… That makes me a super woman init? #grins. I love to celebrate my little-wins. It’s exciting!

Ok, I’m not all super. Not in some areas. There are a few things I cannot win an award in literally. I would like to be great at, but unfortunately I’m not. I’m not even beating myself for it. Life happens! And Here they are:

image• Dogkeeper of the year:  I love animals, but not the type I perceive has the potential of putting me in any form of danger though. Dogs? 🤗. In my mind, all they do is bark & bite. I’m just not awesome with dogs. And I’m just never going to win this award. I don’t know if it might change sometime, but it is what it is now.

• Social/party animal: I’m definitely not the extroverted type. Ok let me re-phrase, I go out Sometimes and when I do, I enjoy every bit of it and then I come back to my quiet ‘me’ moments. I find myself reading, or writing or low-key doing other entertainment stuffs most often. Even when I make resolutions to do more social events, I just feel ‘tired’ of keeping up. I’m working to put myself out there but for now, it is what it is.

• GamesChampion: There are a lot of games in the internet now. Pokemon, criminal case, candy crush, etc. But I just hate loosing to these machines. (Are they machines?) I try and then I give up. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s interesting & all that but I don’t just have the time to keep playing till I become the champion. It means devoting my whole 24 hours into gaming because it may be addictive. Does anyone really win this machines? I think the thrill and suspense of the game ends once you finish all the stage challenges to emerge champion so they’re programmed in a way to keep it suspense-filled in order to curtail this. I don’t even bother, I just give up playing before I have the patience to go that far Lol. It’s not me that’ll come and be doing gragra for game.

What award can you not win? Please leave me your thoughts.




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