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6 awesome ways to sleep better.

Hi guys, I want to share with you, something that’s really important yet overlooked in our very busy lives as we pursue our daily goals. Sometimes we’re so busy all day and night that we do not take our own body seriously. Something as important as sleep!

imageSleep is one important thing everyone needs. It’s a period our system rejuvenates even though the brain stays active to oversee other biological functions. Yet getting enough sleep is not an easy task. In fact it is far-fetched in reality.

Lack of adequate sleep causes stress, anxiety, tiredness & exhaustion, anger, etc. and I think for me, I also break-out. It also leads to depression. Inadequate  sleep has been linked to diabetes & heart disease, it’s therefore not something to be overlooked.

Without getting adequate sleep, it’ll be difficult to learn, work, communicate or even read. It dwindles productivity.

imageWhen you get adequate sleep, You’re able to create better, think clearly, perform tasks better, even your skin benefits because you look better.

An adult needs atleast 7 and a half to 9 hours of sleep daily to function optimally but this is relatively impossible to achieve for some, based on their kind of job or probably because they give priority to other things when it’s sleep time.

As we know, sleep is really very important and I’m going to share 6 ways to help us sleep better:

Stop social activities when you should be sleeping. Put your phone down! Ok I know… I’m sounding like your mum right now. I guess I should be telling myself this too.  Lol . No I’m not guilty of pinging and chatting late nights. But I can’t seem to be able to put my phone down even when my eyes are almost shut and the phone is struggling to drop itself. I’m always almost researching something with my phone into late nights. I literally read everything I see online that seems informative and this keeps me up late nights sometimes and I wake up tired and regretful.Who else is guilty?

Really, we sometimes have to adhere to certain things judiciously.When it’s past a certain time, say 10pm or 11, take your sleep game seriously and do so please.

• I know it’s not easy to pause the ‘racing mind’ on bed. You know that moment your mind plays back everything that happened during the day at work or in school or wherever. How you would have done this or that and how you will do this or that?  Try Yoga and meditation. It could be helpful.

• To fall asleep requires a bit of comfort and relaxation. Does your bed and room offer these? Try putting off your lights or using dim ones and making sure the temperature of the room is conducive for you.

Say no to late night Television: Most TV programs aren’t relaxing enough to induce sleep especially when the sleep is sought for. Try tuning into music or something more soothing.

Make sleep your priority. Create a sleep schedule. We schedule our daily activities, you know you should be at work by 7.30am, Have lunch by 1pm, etc. We even set alarms for these. Include sleep hours too. This will help us stay committed to our sleep time.

Stay off caffeines and other strong beverages in the evenings. You will sleep better by avoiding them. As a bonus, also avoid eating heavy a few hours to bedtime. Health practitioners recommend to eat before 7pm. A heavy food might cause restlessness due to indigestion or stomach upset, or even heart burn.

Create a bedtime ritual: Go to bed same time everyday and wake up same time everyday. Sooner or later, your body will sync with the pattern.

Sleep is the best meditation~ Dalai Lama

I hope this helps your journey to a happier and healthier life.




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