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Summer equals water!

Don’t both words sound synonymous already? Summer–water.

Summer as we know is the hottest of the four seasons, when the sun is at its most “vexing” state. That’s for those in “Yankee” sha… If you live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria to be precise then you already know summer is everyday. Though some days are sunnier than the others.

They say we have the harmattan season similar to winter but it isn’t even a quarter close to the chills of winter. What does this mean?

Summer period is a period where we increase our intake of water. We do this to replace water lost by the body by every means. I wrote on water before, if you missed it, read Here.


Ehen… During hot seasons as this, it is time to go about with a bottle of water in the bag and everywhere cos the rate at which you thirst is increased to hundred raised to power 2. Especially for those of us whose summer is everyday.

That picture sure spells S-w-I-m-m-I-n-g. It’s a time to enjoy our pools and swim as often as you want. Yes! Summer means everything water however it gets into the body.

Water intake is very very essential. Health-wise, we are advised to drink adequate clean water because it does a whole lot.

  • relieves fatigue
  • prevents and treats headaches
  • boosts immune system
  • flushes out toxins
  • promotes weight loss
  • improves skin complexion & healthy hair
  • increases energy & brains functions

To mention but a few. It is advisable to drink atleast eight glasses a day. I’m still struggling to keep up with this. (Just eight glasses o)Sometimes I take something else instead of water but I’m making it a goal now. Eight glasses & nothing less! #muscle.

Hope you drink more water today?

PS: Enjoy the summer season..






2 thoughts on “Summer equals water!”

  1. In Nigeria, as rightly written, summer is everyday. I v beatten the 8 cups per day, trying 2 reach abt 20 cups. Lol. True though.


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