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4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone

Hey guys, welcome to another amazing week. So glad to be here with you for another refreshing post. Talking about the comfort zone and why we need to push out of it. I hope you enjoy it, be kind to like, share, follow blog and leave your comments 😊. Will be much appreciated. Back to today’s discussion…

The comfort zone is that psychological state in which a person feels safe. No stress or anxiety, etc. A lot of times, we tend to feel safe being in a particular place or doing things in a particular way,( I’m sometimes guilty of this).

Sometimes, people are merely concerned about security and survival. So long as they can preserve their status quo, hold down a job, pay bills, it’s fine. No vision for growth, progress or even the future.


To make achievements, we need to leave this zone and tap into other opportunities and utilize our full potential. Staying in your comfort zone brings a lot of limitations and so here are a few reasons to leave;

•  You could get stuck in what you think you already know:  Your comfort zone can limit your imaginations, limit you from coming up with new & better ideas therefore causing you to repeat things same way and getting same results.If you want a different result, try something new.

• The comfort zone can reduce the size of your dreams and aspirations and make you accept just about anything.

• It will make you follow the path of least resistance and the best of life doesn’t come from the easiest things.

• It will make you put imaginary boundaries in your life and when you do, you have succeeded in caging yourself.

Be open to opportunities, don’t just wait for it, Sometimes you have to go for it.

Be willing to try things differently, don’t get comfortable with a routine, get adventurous. Push!

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7 thoughts on “4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone”

  1. Often, staying in our comfort zone hinders us from experiencing growth. We miss out on new opportunities as well as new skills. Sometimes we simply have to take the plunge and step outside of that which is comfortable and watch as we grow in the process.


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