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When “NO” is acceptable!

He walked out of the office building with gloomy eyes, holding tightly to his big brown envelope containing all his credentials. He held it so tightly like his life depended on it. Or well, it literally did. Richard had been denied an employment for the 3rd time this month.

Having graduated from the university with a first class honours degree in Engineering, he looked forward as many others to being gainfully employed in one of the big companies in the country. Three years down the line, he’s yet to secure a decent job.

In this country, it’s hard to be invited for a test or interview let alone gaining an employment. Even the gate men will be screaming ” no vacancy” at you. Except ofcourse you have the right connection or luck and chance happens… Otherwise, nothing!

At the University, Richard was very good in crafts. He’d invented a toy helicopter with remote-control which he displayed in his department.  Infact, the Vice-chancellor gave him a special award for that.

As he sat beside a kiosk down the road drinking “pure water”, with no money to convey him back home, he thought about how so hard life is, his dreams & aspirations of working in a big company & helping his younger ones through school. “Life is hard” he thought, with hopes getting dim…He made up his mind there and then to stop searching for jobs & Look for something low-key lucrative atleast to earn some income. He remembered how so good he was with crafts during childhood and how it made him famous in school. Maybe I should start building those toys again and selling? Lost in his own thoughts, he heard his name…

Richie! Richie!! Melvin his former classmate who was now working with a new generation commercial bank as a marketer called from his car. He stopped & crossed over to Richard..” Oh boy how far? Long time wetin you dey do here?” With a confused look. Omoh na work I dey find o… I don tire. He responded. Enter motor make we go lunch.

Melvin drove to a close restaurant, he was on lunch break after all, time to catch up with his longtime friend. Richard narrated all his woes & miseries over a plate of eba & egusi soup & how he’d decided to go back to his craftsmanship. Melvin encouraged him and even promised to help him secure a bank loan if need be. O boy work hard o… He said. Everybody dey fear for random sack anytime. If you get hand work, do o. Me sef dey reason am.

He thereafter gave him some money when they were done & dropped him off to where he could pick a taxi home.

Is the story familiar? There’s high rate of unemployment currently and those who have jobs are even scared. Sometimes a closed door is leading one to a better place but we often look so hard on that door. Sometimes  it’s ok to be turned down, when people say no, it’s perhaps time to do it on your own. Perhaps it’s fate directing you to your place of upliftment.

There are a lot of people today who never practiced what they studied. They looked for job and when it wasn’t coming, took up a passion. Some were frustrated out of their jobs till they found passion in whatever they’re doing now. They did nothing but utilize their talents.

I know Folake Coker, she’s a fashion guru & creative director of Tiffany Amber. She studied petroleum law in Switzerland & UK. No one knows her as a lawyer but a creative fashion entrepreneur. I know Okey Bakassi, he’s a popular comedian, he has a degree in engineering.  Need I mention more?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you studied.  If you aren’t passionate about what you do or maybe people are closing doors on you, it is time!

Follow your dreams, follow your passion, discover and use your skills and gifts. Perhaps it is time the world benefitted from it.



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2 thoughts on “When “NO” is acceptable!”

  1. Good talk Jessica. In times like this when the country is in recession, everyone needs to get handwork…

    It will go a long way.


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