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Your choice, your freedom!!

imageWhen asked what my favorite quote was during my final year at the Uni, I said…” Life is choicedriven“. With a little knowledge of what that meant. As I grew, I began to understand that choice is one thing that differs man from all other creatures.

Unlike any other creature in the face of the universe, you and I have been given the power of choice. Every now & then in our lives, we are presented with tough decisions to make and that choice sets the path to fulfilling our purpose.


Life to a great extent is a by- product of the choices you make. Yea everyone’s created with a destiny and purpose but it isn’t all up to God to fulfil it for you. You have your path to play. We aren’t a robot that is why He gave  us the power of choice. Do you align your choices to His principles or according to your own wisdom?

Making a choice involves conscious steps, evaluations, conclusion and final decision to do or agree to something or not. What are your goals in life? Once you define your own success then you should know the choices to make to help you reach your destination. You should know what company to keep, things or who to listen to, things to live out of your life, hobbies to quit, things to inspire you, etc. These are all choices in the path of your destiny. You need to take responsibilities,  be proactive, and have a clear vision.

Your thoughts, beliefs, attitude all contribute to shaping your destiny. When circumstances occur, how you choose to react & your attitude to it matters. We owe it to God to use our power of choice wisely. That is ultimate freedom!

With choice, you can even change your destiny. Coming from a poor background did not deter Oprah Winfrey from becoming one of the richest black women in the world. You can achieve more! Circumstances do not control you, it is your belief & how you choose to react that brings about your result. You can actually control how you deal with life. You can decide what you’re going to make out of your life, you decide whether it is to be good or corrupt, it is not fate or parents. It is you!


Choices are going to be made everyday, infact it is part of our daily life. And those choices, moment by moment goes a long way to determine what we make out of our lives.

Do you have a vision? What are your long- term goals? What is your own definition of success? Once you’re certain what you want to achieve, then the freedom, the power to achieve them is in your hands by the choices you make today.

Given this freedom I believe we will (through God’s principles) be all we can be.




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