4 Simple tips for positive living.

Hey guys, it’s a new week and a brand new month. Yayyyyy!!! I’m excited to be here and most importantly to have you here too. Today, I wanna share with you some simple tips to help us stay positive in all times. You ready? Read on…


A lot of us are afraid of tomorrow. We ask what is going to happen in the future? We wonder, are taunted & haunted by the fear of the unknown. We are afraid of risks & uncertainties and so do not want to indulge in activities that may even push us forward. Sometimes we are filled with somuch negativity but I mean… With  the global economic meltdown, rise in forex, cost of living, economic hardship, terror attacks, etc. who wouldn’t?

But we could take a step to live each day with positivity. It takes daily conscious effort to live by, in the world where we are surrounded by so much negativity.

  • FAITH:

We live each day of our lives by faith. We believe God to provide three square meals, protect us, etc. We set our alarm clocks with faith to wake up the next day for daily pursuits. Faith is important for positive living. That is, having confidence in God and believing He will always know what to do & has the power to do it. Faith is a positive influence.


Challenges are a catalyst for success: they bring growth, new experiences and opportunities. Don’t avoid challenges, rather seek for it instead. When you take up challenges, you open yourself for new opportunities that’ll help you succeed. If you don’t challenge yourself or take up challenges, you may begin to move backwards. The greatest challenges you can develop are positive challenges, those that’ll inspire & propel you and not the ones that’ll distract or frustrate you or bring unhealthy competitions. These will give you greater self- esteem & sense of self-worth essential for positive living.


  • HOPE:

If one thinks with hope and expectations, he will attain far more. The attitude of your mind sometimes determines what happens to you. When you are hopeless, that means you are concentrating on your limitations & thoughts which tends to hold you back. To live positively, you have to decide to concentrate on your best hope for the best, and attain more. We HOPE to achieve success, stay healthy, etc. These thoughts help us live positively daily.


Envision your life in the subconscious. Think your dreams, see it, do it, and be it! There’s always a feeling of positivity that comes with that insight. When you believe in your exciting future, it helps you stay un-distracted and live positively. If you can imagine it, see it, look beyond your present predicament in your mind, then you can become it! Positivity brightens our heart and life.


These tips are based on the simple truth that you guide your own happiness. Find positive affirmations that agree and align to your thoughts & imaginations.

imageThese are few of so many ways in which we can experience positive living. ( I probably will make it a series. Maybe, hopefully).

Take the conscious effort to daily free yourself from negativity and be guided by the things that make you happy.

I’m glad to share this with you, hope you enjoyed it? till next time, be positive!!!



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