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Why I write.

From an early age, perhaps eight or nine, I discovered I love to write. I write basically about anything or idea that pops up in my head. I always made sure to keep my school pen safe and a spare exercise book exclusively for writing.



I read a lot as a kid. Still do sometimes, I read anything on sight. Billboards & adverts on the road, write-ups on signposts or instructions, newspapers, entertainment magazines, motivational books, everything! My dad used to buy newspapers a lot those days and I would always be the first to grab it once he’s done.

My elder sisters and brothers bought magazines like enconium mag, city people, etc. And they had other motivational books as well which I read all the time. Then I’d begin to write afterwards based on insights from my read.

However, there are more reasons why I write and here they are:


  • To unleash my emotions:  Growing up, I stayed indoors a lot and kept to myself probably because my siblings were way older than I am and I couldn’t partake in their senior games cos I was little or maybe I just was a quiet girl. That has changed now though…with three kids and a husband, it sure has! Haha but writing gave me an avenue to express my emotions. Love, happiness/joy, anger, grief, excitement, etc. whatever I felt, I wrote. And it gave me a lot of relief & satisfaction.
  • To voice my opinion: writing to me enables me voice my opinion, views, thoughts on any subject of interest. It is to me, a means to reach out to my audience, ( imaginary or real. I know you guys are real though. Lol) to speak my mind on any subject. To have a conversation.
  • To share my knowledge: I write because I want to share my knowledge and/or experiences with you guys. Like the slogan, ” it isn’t what you know that matters, but what you do with what you know“. So I choose to share my knowledge and as i pass it on, I also learn. As i share my experience, i inspire others & learn from them as well.
  • I write as a hobby: I write because I love to write. I could scramble on a piece of paper and to me, it’s cool. I know you have your hobbies.Traveling, swimming, bla bla..It’s fine. My hobbies include writing.

When I write, I express myself, I reach out, I learn, I inspire, I grow and I’m happy.

Welcome to my world!



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