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Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.

There has been some debate on this topic around the world, some spark negativity, arrogance & hatred, others seem to be more subtle & polite. Let’s take a moment to analyze this subject. Firstly, let’s understand the terms ” gender equality & Feminism”.

Gender equality is the view that men & women should receive equal treatment & should not be discriminated based on their gender.


Feminism on the other hand is a philosophy that advocates equal rights for women & men politically, culturally, socially, economically and in other ways.

Early feminists opposed women suffrage, modern feminists fight for gender equality.

Feminism is originally a positive movement focused on giving women basic rights however, radical feminism seems to demand respect & equality in every aspect of life.

If you ask me o, God made hierarchy in the home,I’m of the opinion women should be submissive to men who are the head of the home ( please leave it like that). But really, just like Christ commanded, the man should LOVE his wife first. You don’t mistreat a woman and yet want to be adored. You get the best from a woman when you treat her right and I think this goes either ways.

The woman should be a HELP-mate, not a competitor. There can’t be two captains in a boat.

The Nigerian culture as we know is largely patriarchal. That’s why the male-child is more valued than the female-child. That’s why in those days, only boys had access to education while the girls are married off or stay in the kitchen with their mothers. Today, both sexes are privileged to go to school but when it comes to promotions, salaries or even certain employment opportunities or conditions, the men are favored. But why will I go to school and pay school fees like you did and not be paid same salary as you even when we perform same role?

No doubt, no amount of radical feminism can eradicate the position of men in the family and society at large. They MUST be respected. Biblically, God gave them that position. Women too MUST also be respected, we’re all humans with mind and emotions. You don’t disrespect a gender and respect the other because we’re not all created by one God? Give respect to whom ever respect is due.

Women should be given more support to hold more political offices & partake in vital decisions-making.

Some cultures do not permit a woman to speak in a gathering of men or people in general nor hold any traditional seat or even partake in some cultural rights. ( This is so damn absurd).

In Igboland of Nigeria, you can hardly find a Queen who is ruling in authority without a man. She’s usually the wife of a King. (Women have their own identity. If one can lead, let her do so.) I haven’t heard of a female Oba of Benin or Alaafin of Oyo. These are old age traditional seats and in my opinion should be respected.

But we should really have more female leaders. Presidents, prime-ministers etc. Statistics have shown that women are brave and very great leaders too and so should speak in all gatherings regardless of which gender is present or not.

The recent gender equality bill seeks to eradicate all forms of violence against women, child-marriage( below 18years), in-humane treatment of widows, discrimination on grounds of marital status, etc. which is a very positive idea.

To me o, a man is a man & a woman is a woman don’t get it twisted. We shouldn’t oppose biblical roles of husbands & wives or deny any difference between men & women. (Na so civilization dey cause wahala).

The cause of gender equality should very well  be clear & understood & not be replaced by arrogance, hatred & negativity.

Have a beautiful day…



15 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.”

  1. well, for me gender equality or inequality depends on d context….truth be told, deres lot men can do better Dan d women and deres also a lot women can do better Dan d men….unless we find a balance, dere ll always be hatred n d likes…… jst find ur balance, respect yourself and the opposite sex, live n let live


  2. Well, Simply if I put, women aren’t better and men aren’t either. It just depends on the activity one does and one does not or profession or interest. It’s absolutely wrong to consider a certain posture or behaviour any kind of limitation to be belonging to women. And on that note, We must accept that not everything can be achieved by males either.

    Btw, Dig your writing! 🙂
    Staying tuned for more!


  3. I think there is a lot of misconception regarding feminism and gender equality. Gender equality is pretty much part of feminism. Well, gender equity anyways, we couldn’t really archive true gender equality. i think feminists have been able to archive a lot like the right for women to vote almost everywhere but the battles of this era are a bit different and might vary a lot depending on the region and the reality of people. I personally don’t think feminism is needed in a home unless there is violation of somebody’s right. Every couple and every household is different. For me if a man is ok with staying home while his wife goes to work and it works for them, why not. The same way if a women loves to cook and wants to stay in a kitchen only, she should do just that. Sadly you hear femininazis create so many misconceptions and destroy the movement of feminism saying things like ” i don’t need a man, I’m a feminist. I’m independent”. I think those people should not be considered as feminists at all, not radical not anything because that’s not feminism. Feminism still fights for things like female genital mutilation, sex slavery, abuse, forced marriage, the right for women to vote and for young girls to go to school, objectification etc.. and where people don’t have those realities, they tend to focus on the misconceptions and destroy the movement.
    Great post!
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


    1. Thank you Sauniya, in fact thank you again for this comment. Lately, there’s been so many misconceptions about feminism & gender equality. I totally support the ideal cause, eg violence against women, ill-treatment of widows, genital mutilation, child-marriages and the rest. But then, a lot of women have taken this out of context claiming to be ‘independent’, ‘the head’ etc. let’s not deny the fact that we (men & women) need each other to complement ourselves. There’s definitely a difference btw a man and a woman and that cause should very well be understood so as not to pass a negative trend down the generation where girls will begin to perceive boys as enemies.


  4. I do not agree with you. Women should be submissive to men because they respect God, and it is a decision they make, not something they have to do. The bible says, women should be submissive to men and it implies that we should support them, and give them the right to make decisions first, but does not imply that they can tell us not to work, or make us stay home. Everything should be equal.


    1. Hi Paula, thanks for your comment. I tink you should take your time to read the post over again. Hell yes! I totally agree women in the home should be submissive to men and the men should love their wives too. I emphasized that plus other points.
      I tink it should be more of a mutual understanding if everyone would carry out their individual responsibilities fairly.
      Thanks for contributing all the same. 😊


  5. Feminists crave for gender equality and yet claim women are the weaker vessels when it comes to certain activities and I believe this is wrong in its entirety.


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