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Five things that make me happy right now!

A lot of things bring happiness to one’s soul. Positive & pleasant things that makes one smile & releases intense joy. It is a state of mind ( mental or emotional) one experiences that makes life meaningful & worthwhile.

It is good for our health, helps people cope with stress, good for our relationships, helps us be more productive in our various works of life, and great for our general well being.

Here are five things that just makes me happy right now:



  • Family time:  Seeing my kids playing around happily, bae and I seeing an interesting movie together in the living room & chatting away, with snacks & things by the corner. The many butterflies that would be dancing in my tummy eh..haha.
  • Credit alert: “Pom-Pom”…” Pom-Pom” the sound of text message  and then you pick up your phone to check… credit alert! Korede Bello’s song ” I don get alert, Godwin” will just be making sense.
  • When bae joins me in the kitchen while cooking:  Nothing feels as exciting as when bae joins in the kitchen and crack jokes out of your head while helping out in some stuffs. Then he decides to concoct one of those his British sauces. My head will be hitting the roof…
  • On a date: So we decide to go out together & look around. All looking fly like the boyfriend/ girlfriend days when you try to impress each other. You have nice food, pick one or two stuffs, see a movie at the cinema, analyze stuffs you see around, etc. magical moments that add life to your life. Choi

The list never ends but lemme stop here

  • The feeling I get when I write some stuff and get good feedbacks. It is like the Nigerian jollof rice. Very delicious, exciting and fulfilling.


Join me would you? #happinesstag what makes you happy right now.





13 thoughts on “Five things that make me happy right now!”

  1. Wow interesting. The list would never be endless if u continue listing what makes you happy. For me some of these make me happy. * being kind and helpful to people. *window shopping [hehehe). * buying personal effects. * playing with children *watching cartoons. Cheers. Gloree


  2. Bank alert !!! Make me happy like mad…oh have not heard that bank alert even wake the dead lolsss…..bank alert is the bomb via my happiness… Ka chinaeke mezie okwu..


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