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Climbing the ladder of success.

Hey guys, it’s another brand new week & I’m glad to share this post with you. You know I love to inspire you, just as I do myself. 😊

Last week, I wrote on VISION. If you missed it, please go Here.  So this week, I’m going to talk about attaining that height of success.


I know a lot of you have set goals of what you hope to achieve this year & beyond. Infact at the beginning of the year, a lot of people make resolutions & set a target. Please read my post on direction Here; and the various things we hope to achieve by the end of the year. But this doesn’t come automatically. It doesn’t happen by magic. We have to make an input & take actions before we actualise them. It may take months or even years to get to that height but what really matters is, keep moving.

I love to share my inspirations with you, ofcourse that’s why I’m here. So I’m going to share just about FOUR big factors that’ll help us as we climb the ladder of success. But before I start, this post will inspire you on your special abilities. You can read it Here.  Are you with me? Let’s go…


God designed each & every one of us without duplication. Even your twin is not your duplicate. It means everyone is unique, that’s why we have different finger prints & that’s why only you can be you. You have your own unique personality, natural abilities, strengths, experiences, etc.  You cannot live like someone else & succeed. You will only succeed in making yourself a counterfeit when you can actually be More in life by staying true to your own identity. Don’t compare your life with others. It doesn’t make your life better does it? Stay on your lane, believe in yourself & look forward. There is a reason why God made you, you!


Change your pattern of thinking if it doesn’t reflect positively on your goals. Do not limit yourself with your thoughts. Rather, create an exciting picture of your future & work towards it. Don’t just think ahead, think big! Think creatively, think futuristic, think bigger than you are! To tell you the truth, nothing is impossible. How far you think & reason is how far you can go so let your imaginations run wide.


Push yourself beyond your limit. That way, you develop yourself by learning more about risks & uncertainties necessary for explorations. If you buckle yourself in, you remain there. You know how a snail will remain at one point except it sticks it’s head out of its shell & move? Bring your skills alive by taking up positive challenges. Let your enthusiastic ideas be equal to your realistic goals.


Lastly for now I’m going to say keep records. Articulate your progress. The best way to re-in force your progress is by keeping journal. Write down your ideas, create your to-do list, plan your schedules, create reminders, write down your plans and goals. It helps you stay committed, reminds you to work timely and helps you stay organized. Besides, you’ll have a concrete copy of your plans and thoughts and as you write, you generate more ideas and expand.

Erm…There’s absolutely no success without hardwork. Even when you fail, you getup and try again. Success isn’t automatic. A step at a time in the right direction, and you’ll be there.

Hope I made an impact today? Have a blessed week.








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