Black lives indeed matter!

I don’t know if I should talk about this but I feel the need to. I mean… We’re all encouraged to speak up especially on issues that concern lives.

Recently, there’s been an increase in the number of police shootings especially on innocent, unarmed black lives.

You see/ watch on news channels how a life was lost for no justifiable lawful reason, and you begin to wonder what’s happening to the “one world”. So much killings, bombings, attacks, etc. It is indeed tragic & unfortunate.

The most recent just yesterday, a behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey in North Miami, while trying to calm his autistic patient &  who had his hands up, saying he was unarmed yet the police marksmen deemed it fit to shoot him. He was attempting to explain that his autistic patient had a toy- truck & not a weapon and despite his re-assurances, he got shot on his leg and then briefly handcuffed before being taken to the hospital.


Like seriously a man has his hands up, explains he & his patient are harmless, and even mentioned he was autistic yet someone still had the need to pull the trigger? Was that necessary? Does it have to do with his skin, race, color? Or is there a logical explanation to this incidence? I dunno

Well, thankGod he lived to tell his story, many others didn’t have the opportunity. But how long before something is actually done? How long before they put a check to this? Is this ever gonna end? image

The Washington post has tracked shootings to 537 so far in 2016 alone and the number keeps increasing.

We all heard of 17year old Trayvon Martin’s murder by George Zimmerman. What was his crime exactly? Wearing a hood or what? I don’t understand. And what was the outcome of that case?  sigh To think the killer gun was auctioned for how much again? How many million dollars?Smh

We are one, created by one God. It doesn’t matter the color, race or whatever. Police should protect lives, we should live as one. #blacklives and #allives matter.






2 thoughts on “Black lives indeed matter!”

  1. The killings are heart wrenching and pathetic. I just can’t say what is behind this their act of killing any black……..what are they scared of.???smh


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