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Throwback Thursday#2

Hi guys, it’s Thursday, each day brings me some bit of excitement cos I get to gist with you guys.

Usually, in the social media circle, Thursdays are known for throwbacks #TBT , and for today, I’m going to take you back to some old hairstyles that are making a big comeback.

You guys remember the “shuku” hairstyle?

It used to be one of the highest hairstyles in those days. Sometime ago, I went through mum’s pictures in her youth & I spotted her rocking the style too. Today, the “shuku” hairstyle has made a comeback & is one of the trending hairstyles of today.

There are so many beautiful ways I now see it rocked & it looks so gorgeous.

Everyone is embracing it & it is definitely in style.

The “corn-rows” used to be worn in the olden days too & when sewing-in an extension or weave-on. Today, it is the in-thing. Some of our celebrities are not left-out & believe me it looks good on everyone I see it on. Here are some pictures…


It is extremely gorgeous.

Who remembers “Afro”? I felt it looked unkempt those days when I see people “flying” their massive hair but believe me it’s soooo cute & trendy. I used to see it worn by some rock-stars & musicians like Diana Ross. Today, thanks to the natural hair movement, it has made a huge comeback & it is here to stay.


I swear, this was ” Fela” jeans. I guess the style was made popular here by the late music Icon Fela Kuti cos all his trousers were tailored in this pattern hence the name “Fela trouser”.

I remember it used to be worn in the 60s’, 70s’, and maybe 80s’ from a brief history of it I know.


It made a come-back in the late 90s’ and early 2000s’. Now it is back, more fierce with a brand new name…” Bootleg”…”boot-cut” Jean. It is sooo fashion-forward & trendy.


A lot of the oldies are making a comeback & making fashion statements. I guess there are a few others you might want to include in the comment section?

Are you rocking, or would you want to rock any of these styles?

Lemme know your thoughts.


PS: (picture credit: Google)




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