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10 random facts about me.

So today, I want to talk about me. I’m going to write ten random facts about me. I had a conversation with a former course-mate sometime ago, we attended lectures together, sat for exams, and studied for a whole five years at the university. she said…”I never got to really know you on a personal level and I wish I did”.

Made me realize you could know someone a thousand years & not actually ” know” them.

Knowing someone better, actually helps you have a better relationship, closer communication & a better knowledge and understanding of who they are.

So today, I want you to know more about me, hence I want to share ten random facts about me- the brain behind this blog.

Ten random facts about me - Jessica Hugo


  1. I love everything organic. Hey! I’m not vegan, but I try as much as possible to be green.

  2. I am from Nigeria. Born and raised in Nigeria, West-Africa in the city of Port-Harcourt. You can use your google map it’s ok…I’ve been to several other places & I just might be coming to your city or country soon.

  3. I studied Project Management Technology and I have other professional certificates as well.

  4. They say I’m an introvert, this is totally true. I listen more than I talk, but I talk more with my pen. My pen is my good friend. I’m reserved like that. I’m not your typical social junky but i’m someone who would hold real conversations.

  5. My hobbies include reading and writing (obviously), I love to mentor/ motivate people, like, i’m so very passionate about it.

  6. I love Jollof rice. A lot!

  7. Erm… I don’t know again o.. Lol ok I have phobia for dogs. 🙈🙈🙈 it’s funny but it’s true. I know a lot of you guys have dog-pets. And that’s so wonderful! (I don’t intend to keep any thank  you.)

  8. I love midnight snacks. Some say it makes you get fat bleh bleh. I’ve never been overweight all my life. But I try to eat light though & I have no stomach issues. For some reason I don’t know, midnight snacks seems to taste more heavenly at night. Who’s with me on this? Raise your hand. ✌

  9. My favorite cartoon as a child was”Tom & Jerry“. Those two creatures & their mischievous adventures kept me cracking up always.

  10. Last but not the least, I don’t have a special color. Amidst so many beautiful colors? Red, yellow, blue, orange, pink,white etc. each stands out on its own.

Whoop! Whoop!! There you go guys, hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more? If you have other questions, lemme know in the comments!

Lets be friends on socials.


Jessica Hugo.


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