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A vision is like a burden, an urge or a need to effect a change & contribute to something or to serve. It could be a task or an obligation to accomplish something.

A vision could also be a set- goal(s) of what we hope to achieve, a clear-cut direction of where we are going or want to be, a dream or a defined purpose.


When you have a vision, that means there is a place you should effect a change. That vision will enable you contribute to the lives of others & will inspire a lot of people.

Your vision is like your purpose, what you hope to do, become or achieve. That vision will not permit you to be comfortable with where you are now, it will push you to act and become all you can be.

We often become what we daily think about. If you can think it, if you can see it, then you can do & be it! I love to motivate people to unleash their potentials. I mean… We could do & be more In life. We could get to that desired place & achieve our dreams. We can do it as individuals or a company. Even a company has to clearly state their vision. Most companies have a vision statement talk more of individuals. It means one should have a clear knowledge of where you’re going and what you hope to achieve.


We can get there. But in doing so, I’m going to share just about THREE  big factors, I hope to write more. Let’s go…


You need to be committed to that thing you’re seeing. Until you’re committed, there’s always a chance to draw back. There’s always hesitancy. The moment you commit yourself to something, a whole stream of events from decisions, etc moves to help you actualise it. Commitment deals with so much certainty. It doesn’t ask “how” it will be done or come to pass but you are certain it will. Give everything you can to it, be committed.


One of the cherished qualities of people who are eager to change their world is persistence. You must persist till you get there. Everyone’s dream/vision is different and no one knows how long the gestation period  is for, even though you can set a time-frame & work towards that. What we know is, if you persist, then you will conquer except you quit! And when you quit, you can’t reach the fulfilment of that goal nor benefit from the joy that comes with it. Don’t give up! No one says it’s going to be a roller- coaster ride but if you must get there, you must keep going.


Some of us defeat ourselves before we even start. “Hey… It’s not possible”. “Hey… I can’t do it”. “Hey… This… Hey that”. Hollup! Hey you can and its possible! Shift your attitude into a higher gear. Fear can paralyze & stifle your actions. It kills inspiration & imagination. Develop an attitude that strengthens & energizes your faith. See yourself at your best, Be positive. Remember, your thoughts often become your reality and positive attitudes influence positive results. When you stay positive, your imaginations soar higher & the sky would be your beginning.

I hope I inspire you as well as myself. You can be    all you wanna be.


Have a blessed week…

Jessica Hugo



16 thoughts on “VISION.”

    1. I think I’ve always just been that kind of person who loves to encourage and motivate and build hope. And so when I write or speak most times, I find myself talking about these topics.
      Thanks for your comment the legend.

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