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Customer service.

Most people do their shopping on weekends, or visit the cinema, spa, malls, supermarkets, etc. And there’s usually a particular person whom one makes contact with on entrance to these places. Either the receptionist, front-desk officer, customer service representative, sales person or cashier.image


Believe me, your whole experience to that place will largely depend on how well you were received at the point of entrance, how well your queries were answered, or how excellent the service was.

Ive had a few bitter experiences with customer service in a few places and I’m sure you have too. I don’t know if these people don’t know their jobs or just don’t care hence such attitude but what baffles me is how they expect to get paid at the end of the day, week or month after chasing all the customers away. 😖

I walked into a shop one day to pick up a grocery. I noticed there had been changes in the arrangement & placement of items. I wasn’t that regular there so I didn’t know where some stuffs had been transferred. Naturally, one would ask any attendant there which I did…

Me: Hi, I noticed there’s been some changes please where can I find so so & so item?

Attendant: ( fully engrossed with her phone, not even raising her face) bluntly responds…” I don’t know”.

Me: 😒

Ok maybe I asked the wrong person so I approached another

Me: hey… Please where can I find so & so?

Attendant 2: ( walking away briskly) ” I’m coming”.

Me: 😳 For real?

Well, since I really wanted this item, I had to patiently talk to someone else.

Me: hi… Please where can I find so & so item?

Attendant 3: oh please ( smiling) … Look over there or do you mind if I take you?

Me: ok please…

She took me down to the section & handed me the item.

sigh satisfied at last, I paid & left. Would I want to go back there? Certainly not! I mean, that place wouldn’t come to my mind if I need any such item again.

Have you ever called a service company & spoken to a rude call-rep? Oh no you wouldn’t want to.

I called a telecommunications company a certain time to complain of different charges to my airtime which I didn’t understand. After several minutes being kept on hold and then being transferred, I heard…” Sorry that’s our policy”. Wait! What policy? To charge me for things I didn’t subscribe to nor understand?

I called again & spoke to a different person who saw the error, apologized & resolved the issue within minutes!

Have you walked to a customer service officer in a bank to make some enquiries and he/she asks you to hold on only to live you there and go for lunch? Lol

I could go on and on with various experiences but I think it’s time for companies to critically begin to look into their customer / technical support  services as it affects their business.

If you are a manager, supervisor, leader etc. make sure to hire those who have the skills & keep training/re-training them to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Consider key training topics such as:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Customer care attitude
  • Listening skills
  • patience
  • clear communication
  • To smile 😊.

Have you had any terrible customer service experience? Lemme know your thoughts.

Have a  beautiful day…




4 thoughts on “Customer service.”

  1. Hmmmmm. You are right. This is terrible especially in banks. They can be frustrating. Some staff, even ater been trained don’t apply it. Take for example, if enter a bank from the gate the security man will say welcome to——. But not wit a smile, they are just casual. Some may be saying it looking at someone else but at the time telling you welcome to—–. When you ar looking at the person to respond thank you, you begin to wonder if he was actually referring to you. You become confuse. After the frustration inside, as you are leaving the one inside would say thank you for choosing —–. With no smile. This is a matter to be looked into by different organization. Pst Ugonma.


  2. Oh Jessy u r absolutely correct. In fact some of those experiences can be embarrassing. I tink most companies nd other organisations hammer on good customer relationship but its just that some persons lack good interpersonal relationship skills. Glory


  3. Just yesterday, I wanted to make some photocopies but unfortunately PHCN had done the best they could do. Could you believe this business owner (not even a hired staff now) could not leave her food for 1 minute to attend to me? She literally muttered with beans in her mouth after going silentfor few minutes (eeewww)…”i can’t stand up now..m sorry” it was disgusting…m not affected by the fact that she was eating tho…she’s human, she needs food
    but because I had earlier told her I was coming. I fulfilled my word and she could not just spare me 5 minutes. I even wanted to help with the gen! so annoying!


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