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Writer’s block

Its daybreak, I’m a bit tired, I have no idea what to write about today. I’ve not exactly been consistent with writing lately. I had cold & cough in the last week & took some time off to get back to health. Now I’m strong but I guess I have the “writers block” at the moment.


I guess my fellow writers would understand what I mean? You know… That brief period where you have no idea what to write about. I used to get lots of inspiration sitting on the dining seat and just looking around or focusing so I went there & sat down & nothing seems to be coming up.

I picked up my phone, browsed through my social media networks, the Facebook, Twitter, etc just to know what’s happening in the world. Then suddenly! Like the speed of light, something flashed through my head. That’s it! Why don’t you write about your writers block? It’s an experience isn’t it? Someone might be going through same or may have gone through same and this is how you overcame yours by writing so why don’t you share it?

Songwriters, poets, etc go through this once in a while & it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped being inspired by whatever inspires them, it just means at the moment, they probably can’t connect or something. I dunno.. While some will have a little nap & hope something pops up in the dream, lol. Others will grab something to read, or just take a stroll or something. Well, in this instance, a surf of the social apps in my phone helped.

I mean, owning a blog, a type with unique content, one in which I personally write my stuffs & stick to originality, it’s not easy to come with things to daily post about & keep your audience entertained & informed & enjoying each piece. By this I mean, being idealistically sound & still be able to connect to your readers. I intend to stay original.

Maybe one day in the words of one of my close friends, Forbes & other organisations get to notice my blog hehehe, Maybe not. In the meantime I’m just gonna enjoy doing what I love doing.😁😁

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Thank u



5 thoughts on “Writer’s block”

  1. Gd one babe…..to say I almost wait for ur write up like everyday….n one day such big organizations wld advertise….n who knows….keep writing…doing a great job…


  2. Old post but I’m going through a case of writer’s block right now — and a little bit of laziness is involved.. Hehe
    Your arrilces are awesome BTW, I’m stalking your site so much I had to hit the fb like and Follow blog buttons ☺
    Keep it up!


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