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You guys remember that Internet- sensation story about a certain bread seller who walked unknowingly into a photoshoot on one street in Lagos Nigeria and then hit fame & fortune? She was hustling everyday selling bread, she left her husband & child back in her hometown & travelled to another city (Lagos) in search of greener pasture. One day, luck struck! From squatting in someone’s home, she got her own apartment, signed multi-million Naira modeling contracts, featured in many magazines covers including Thisday style Nigeria, featured in CNN, it’s been from grace to grace journey ever.

A few months ago, I came across the story of a man who wore suits while washing car windscreens in traffic. You read that story too right? Well if you didn’t, this man dresses up on suit everyday to go wash car windscreens in traffic & was photographed one day. He was put up on the internet & today, I heard he’s a brand ambassador for a clothing line. He was offered a better job.

Patoranking one of our dance-hall musical acts and current coach of #thevoiceNigeria once said He used to sell “rat-killer poisons” in traffic in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, he’s a superstar. Wow some grass-to-grace stories though.

Humblesmith of the “Osinachi” fame said he once hawked “moi-moi” before he found music and became a star.

Many people with their grass-to-grace stories.

I’ve heard of truck pushers turned millionaires, garbage collectors, etc

Oprah Winfrey was born into a poor family in Mississippi but that didn’t deter her from winning a scholarship to study at Tennessee State University & becoming the first African-American  to correspond in the state at age 19.

In 1983 she moved to Chicago to work for an AM talk show which would be later called “The Ophrah Winfrey show”.

Do Won Chang the “forever 21” founder worked as a gas station attendant & in a coffee shop when he first moved to the US from Korea in 1981. He infact worked three jobs to make ends-meet. The husband/wife team Do Won Chang & Jin Sook opened their first clothing store in 1984. Today, the 480-store empire rakes in about $3billion or more in sales yearly.

Maybe I’ll write my own story some day 😁🤑 .

If you don’t quit on yourself, if you keep your hustling game alive, just one day, maybe one second, minute or hour, your life may turn around.

whats your story?

lemme know your thoughts.😊

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1 thought on “Grass-to-Grace”

  1. I just finished writing a blog post about the rich Vanderbilt family. Though this part was not mentioned in my post, I learned that Cornelius Vanderbilt started off poor and slowly worked hard to create his own shipping business. He ended up amassing a fortune, and his family became one of the richest in America. (His grandson is the well-known George Vanderbilt, who owned the largest house in America, the Biltmore.) Yet another story of grass-to-grace. Thanks for sharing! I love sharing these types of stories with my middle school students at the school where I teach.

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