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It’s Thursday, it’s retro, usually termed ” Throwback Thursday” with hashtag #TBT. In the spirit of retro, I’m going to throw our memories back between 2000-2005 in the history of phone Technology in Nigeria.

Before the invention of IPhones,Samsung galaxies & notes, blackberry, HTC and co,  there were other phones amongst which is the strong & durable Nokia 3310.


If you owned this phone please stand up. Lol it was like the strongest phone ever built & was tagged ” the strongest phone of all time”. Launched in 2000, it was among the luxurious phones owned by the privileged few. It’s thickness, monophonic ringtones & monographic display were among its trademark. The battery when fully charged can last a lifetime literally. Lol . Be sure when it beeps battery low, it’s going to last extra 24 hours.

Amongst this league were Motorola, Ericsson & Sony Ericsson, Alcatel,  Trium, you remember? I heard some people had theirs safely kept in the museum for tourism. Lol

One time in the city a pedestrian was being attacked by hoodlums, his Nokia 3310 phone became his surviving tool.


This phone was indestructible literally & it stood the test of time.

its #TBT,  lets know your thoughts.





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