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How do you show yourself love?


Life can get hectic sometimes. From waking up very early everyday & preparing for work, to staying in traffic several hours to/fro, to coming back late in the night, to cooking, laundry, etc.

For Mums who juggle career plus Homefront, it can be tedious. Most times, the kids are left at the mercy of a help. You’re still required to do their assignments, cook, and take care of them when you return. For other mums  who aren’t on a 9-5, the story aren’t any different. The laundry, making sure the house is tidy, cooking, school-run and other errands, over-seeing other businesses, etc etc.

Even single guys/ ladies aren’t left out. They have their own story.

Everyone seems to be busy pursuing something. With a busy life & schedule. Sometimes, 24hours seem not to be enough. But hey… slow down… Life isn’t all about your job, your kids, bla bla. You need to be alive to do all these isn’t it? Cool off a bit & show yourself some love. Love yourself for a moment. It could add some extra years to your life you know?

How do you show yourself some love? I’m going to share just about 5 ways you can. Come over here;

  1. Breathe:  Yes you heard me.  Just take a moment & breathe please ahn ahn! Stop in the middle of that thing, stop the stress & frizz & just inhale some air. Life is too short to stress just about everything.  Take in some cool air.

  2. Take it easy:  Don’t rush everything, don’t hurry. Do things one at a time. When you hurry, you don’t get things properly organized nor obtain excellent results.  On my way to drop- off my kid at school one morning, I had to offer a lady a hair brush. She literally forgot to brush her hair while going to work.

  3. Indulge in some personal time:  yea you devout somuch time to family & work  & forget yourself. How about a Little “alone” time even if it’s for an hour or two?  Play with your mirror, dance & jump around, do whatever you want to do.

  4. Go to the salon/ spa: treat yourself to some love. Do your pedi, mani, whatever. Just have fun.

  5. Close your eyes & have some nap: it’s not all about your computer, kids homework, etc. close your eyes a bit, shut out the world & SLEEP! Your Brain & body needs it. Thank me later.

life is too short o, don’t take it too serious.



Jessica 😊.



3 thoughts on “How do you show yourself love?”

  1. O yea. My new slogan is enjoy yourself as much as you can. Do more of those things that makes you happy. Dress well, look good, always smile or laugh. Have fun with fun loving friends. Just thinks of better ways to make yourself happy. Play sweet music, the ones U like. You are showing love to yourself by doing these things. We always forget ourself while trying to show love to others. PST Ugo.

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