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#MondayMotivation~what is in your hands?


Sitting in the living room the other day, seeing this comical movie by a popular actor, I was so thrilled by his natural comedic expressions & character. His smooth, effortless delivery of role. I imagined if in reality, he was any different cos i couldn’t figure a distinction between himself & the character. He was that gifted & I was totally convinced that role wouldn’t have been interpreted any better.

This reminded me that there is a deposit of a gift or natural ability in everyone of us. In some it’s in sports, like the Lionel Messis & C. Ronaldos, others Eloquence of speech, like the very notable speakers we have in the world,or in music like the Timi Dakolos, or in leadership abilities, mentorship, business, etc.

What is in your hands?

There may be 1 or 2 things you may be passionate about that motivates & drives your enthusiasm. Something you feel naturally energized to do. What is that thing?

I have found that your heart & personality aligns with the things you’re passionate about. Your heart represents the source of all your motivations & your personality, your distinctive character & uniqueness. For example, when you do the things you love to do, you derive joy in it & you’re naturally enthusiastic about it & would want to contribute to or create a change or serve others with it.

That thing isn’t supposed to remain potential. Find it & use it!

By daily actions, by devoting time & energy into your dreams, anything is possible.



Have a blessed week



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