things I miss about FUTO & not.

It’s finally here. It’s Friday….yayyy!!!

Today, I’m going to dedicate this post to my fellow futoites & all those who’s experienced life in the Nigerian university. First & Foremost… Chop knuckle…👊. E no easy.

Being a Nigerian student in Nigeria comes with its own  perk & sour sides. I’m talking about the Federal & state Universities, polytechnics & other higher institutions. Somebody don’t mention covenant, Bowen & the likes. Those aren’t my case study here, this scope doesn’t cover that category. Ehen back to our discussion…

From crowded lecture halls to Trekking & okada rides to hostel & off campus experiences. Choi!

FUTO gave me all the hardship & chills I needed to survive in this world lol & if you didn’t attend FUTO you’re sitting on a looong thing. In D’banj’s voice.

I’m going to share five things I miss about being in FUTO & five things I don’t.

Here are my top five things I miss about my student life in FUTO..

1. I miss the small community called FUTO: SEET( school of Engineering & Engineering Technology), SOSc ( School of Sciences), SAAT( School of Agric & Agric Technology), SOHT( School of Health Technology) & finally SMAT( School of Management Technology) My SMAT, where I belonged. I just love FUTO, the aura within the campus & everything about it. I just love to be called FUTO girl. It is assumed that all Futoites are intelligent & I agree. Everyone knows we’re jackobians. ( slang often used in FUTO to mean studying rigorously). Inside bus o FUTO student is jacking. Inside Ihiagwa market o, somebody is jacking. Even in a party, somebody came with textbook. We’re known for jacking ability.

2. I miss my amazing course mates & friends: if I were to choose again, I’ll love to be in the same class with the same set of people. They were all wonderful. And all the friends I made there too.

3. I miss lecture times: sitting & taking lectures & jotting down stuffs. I miss that too. While waiting for the lecturer, we sit under trees, benches in the department or On Windows gisting. Once he shows up, we’re running into the classroom excited. Twas fun

4. I miss Buka: no one comes to school with lunch- pack or food flask. Any afternoon break in lectures, we gladly walk into a near-by Buka for lunch sometimes and to while away time while waiting for the next class. It’s also the spot to hear the latest gist. Lol  school life. Smh

5. I miss having to bother just about term papers, assignments & exams. Now I have to watch CNN & Channels TV to know when tomatoes will be available.

Five things I don’t miss….

1.Engineering drawing:  *sigh* thankGod we dropped it 1st semester 2nd year. That was one hell of a course for me. Rule this… Measure this… Draw tiger, draw lion head 🙄Lol Only God knows what I was drawing & thankGod i passed it hands down. Title blocks & all that. I don’t miss it thank you.

2. 500/750 capacity halls: Pray you don’t go there for lectures.  4/5 departments squeezed into that hall for 2/3 hours. No -no thank you.

3. Trekking from Workshop, SAAT, SOSc to SMAT: don’t  ask me to do that again under those kind of hot sun. It felt like FUTO sun was different those days. The type after trekking you go home & bath 4 times before your temperature comes back normal. No- no thank you. Goodbye

4. Burning midnight candles: do you know that kind of jacking like no tomorrow? Like the world is ending on that book? No you don’t wanna be a FUTO student during exams. You must Jack by fire by force. Thank you very much.

5. We all loved our student life and our schools at one point or the other but no one wanted to remain a student of the school forever right? So in this case, nope not forever.

Hope you enjoyed my 2 cents? Share yours too &  Have a wonderful Friday.





4 thoughts on “things I miss about FUTO & not.”

  1. Great right up babe…..n I loved FUTO….I met great friends n hubby I’ll love forever….. N things I hated….those sunny days n d rush for bikes….n d 3 on a bike(ooooo no)…..n…….


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