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10 life-hacks…Tip & Tricks

Hey guys, it’s Thursday. The weekend starts tomorrow, a period to switch off & relax, spend time with family, visit places, hang out with friends, turn off stressful activities & just wind off.

For some though, work continues… But if you belong to the former, congratulations!!! Lol

Today I’m going to share my top ten life tips that’ll help propel us to positively harness our life experiences for greater good. Are you game? Come with me.

Tip 1. You can be better than you even thought you were when you develop your strengths & special abilities: In each & everyone of us lies God- given abilities & strengths. Develop, cultivate & apply them everyday & discover the better person you can be.

Tip 2. Set one long term goal & determine to make it yours:  With hardwork & determination,  whatever you set your heart on, will eventually be yours.

Tip 3. List the things you are working towards as an individual. You can really attain your goals. Your dream is not impossible.

Tip 4. Poise & self-confidence are available to anyone who discovers who they are & where they’re going.

Tip 5. Enjoy your unique spot in the world: Everyone isn’t you & you aren’t everyone. You are you, no one can be or replace you. Enjoy your uniqueness.

Tip 6. You need not be an “onlooker”. You can jump into life once you are secure about yourself. You will no longer watch things happen or ask…”what happened”. You will be what’s happening. Start DOING & not LOOKING.

Tip7. Your personal happiness depends on you & how you choose to relate with life.

Tip 8. Socrates said…” To know yourself is the beginning of wisdom”. Discover yourself & what God intends for you.

Tip 9. Evaluate the relative importance of the things you have to get done: establish priorities,  list your plan of action & stick to it. Remember things may go wrong along the way, make it part of your plan. Whatever it is, keep moving till you get there!

Finally guys, we have  only 24 hours in a day, use your time wisely.

Thats all for now, I’ll be glad to hear your feedbacks.



11 thoughts on “10 life-hacks…Tip & Tricks”

  1. Setting a long term goal and listing individual things I need to work on is very handy. My boyfriend makes a list of things he needs to accomplish everyday, and they’re small, everyday things. But the list helps him get them done.


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