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The closet.

You have an appointment by 9am, out of bed & trying to get ready.  You get to your closet & it’s filled to the brim yet it seems like there’s   “nothing” to wear. Familiar right? Hehe you’re not alone. It does happen to the majority of us a lot of times.

Resuming by 8am at the office, 7.30am you’ve tried upto four clothes yet nothing seems to suit you today? Phew! Sometimes it helps to prepare a night before. Don’t beat yourself you’re not alone.

A woman’s wardrobe is a major part of her life. She invests a whole lot into looking good everyday. Some Spend a lot of money buying everything and then at the end of the day, complain of not having what to wear. Our lives sha…Lol.”

Buying only trendy wears, or timeless vintage pieces alone or designer wears, doesn’t necessarily make one a fashionista. It’s about your confidence, aura and your personal style. Style never goes out of fashion. Ever! But why do we go through stress picking out just one cloth to wear?

Sometimes making a choice from too many options isn’t quite easy,  and it could be something more…

Are you doing something amiss? Are you buying what suits your body type or Just what you find attractive at the thrift store? You have to know your body type so as to know what suits it. Buying only trends alone can become boring once that trend goes out of fashion and that’s why most times, it seems like there’s nothing to wear.  Even though the closet seems full.

Going for very expensive outfits alone because it makes you feel fashionable isn’t always ideal. Even though I’m an advocate for quality wears, they mustn’t always all be expensive. The idea about fashion is to be able mix and style and be comfortable and know what suits your body type yet appear cool, classy or trendy.  Always Wear what flatters your body shape & size.

I normally create a mental picture of how I want to look and the items I’d want to wear before I actually try them. Depending on the occasion, mood, time and weather. I can’t force myself to wear a crop top  on a rainy cold day no, that won’t work for me. However,

I’ve listed ten fashion items I think are wardrobe staples and here they are:

  1. The Classic white shirt: This to me is a must-have. You can pair it with almost anything. A denim, pencil skirt, pants and it isn’t color-sensitive. It always always look classy and outstanding. Always!
  2. A black elegant blazer: this can be worn business-casual  with denim, or on a dress, or even a skirt (pencil or flare ) with a camisole. Owning this is essential. It never goes out of style!
  3. The Little black dress: this wardrobe statement can stand out anywhere. Whether worn alone or on a colorful blazer, pair of heel, pumps or sandals. It Comes out girly, simple and elegant.
  4. Skinny jean: definitely a must- have. On a tee-shirt, blazer, nice chiffon top, the fitness is always beautiful.
  5. Comfortable ballet flats: sometimes the ankles need some rest.  To allow it some rest, get comfy & smart on a flat & still great.
  6. Black pencil skirt: very fashionable & classy, this ain’t going outta style. And it can go with practically anything on top. With any color at all.
  7. Sandals/flip flops: from beach to evening strolls, running errands around town, etc. this item is very essential it also adds to your stylish look.
  8. A black leather bag:  After dressing up and looking all fab, you need a bag to complement your style and a black bag is classic & would go with every color.
  9. pumps: for sophistication, extra height & confidence, the pump can serve pretty well.
  10. Sunglasses: living In a hot climate as Nigeria, or even during summer, Sun-shades are very essential. Apart from helping protect the eyes from the ultra-violet rays, it also give a stylish finish. I love the sunglasses and I wear them a lot.

Do you think I missed something? You can contribute in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my 2-cents pls come back & enjoy some more.



11 thoughts on “The closet.”

  1. Lovely post!
    I’ve just recently purged my closet and its practically bare!
    I’m definitely going to include your list of Staples in my next shopping trip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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