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One day, moving about the streets of the city searching for an address, I stopped to ask a passer-by, who appeared to me to be resident around the area.  Trust some Naija people with giving directions. “Madam go straight, when you reach that junction, turn left then right then go straight then bend. Na the place be that”. Thank you I said and moved further to someone else who gave me a better description and I eventually got to my destination.

In life,  just like my brief narration above, we might need to stop and ask…” Where am I going”? At some certain point in life we need to pause either out of emptiness, lost, a desire to make a change or change a circumstance, etc & re-evaluate ourselves to answer that question.

The problem isn’t in seeking the direction but do you have a clear vision of where you’re headed? Stop and ponder… What do you want out of life? Success? Reaching your highest potential? Fulfilling your purpose? You fill in the blanks. Now answer… Is your direction headed that way?

Your destination and the path to it depends on you because you decide where you wanna go, what you wanna be, do or make out of life. The choice has been given to us. And to get to that place you need to move in the right direction. You need to walk with the source of your being. ” in all your ways acknowledge me & I shall direct your paths”.

Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do. The way to get started is to start DOING. Start MOVING. Knowing isn’t enough, we must APPLY. We generate fears while we sit, we overcome them by ACTION.

Its Monday, it’s a new week, set your goals & move on the right direction towards it. If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it- teach yourself to be impatient. MOVE for it.

hope you’re inspired…have a lovely Monday & do come back for more interesting topics.





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