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Birthday gist!!!

Yesterday June 24th was my birthday, bae being the first to wish me happy birthday. He’d asked me weeks before how I wanted to celebrate it but I had no clue what I wanted.

In previous years, we would have a little gig, have neighbors, friends & family come over have some fun with us till the wee hours of the night.Food, drinks, barbecue, music, chats, jokes, etc.

Bae loves having party for any reason. Birthdays, dedications, etc. he would turn it from what you thought was gonna be a small gathering to something else. For me, even though I enjoyed it too, sometimes I just want something different from the usual.

Oya what do you want this time? Me I don’t even know self. He laughed so hysteriously. Na so you go confuse till e be 12am June 25. I nearly choked laughing uncontrollably. Na your way na… You can dull person eh. ( yes we joke and yab ourselves like dat. Lol)

ehen… What if  we do lunch? Two aside lunch jus go do some kinda things new couples do? I suggested. Is that what you want? ok now, it’s your day. Whatever you want is fine I won’t even sweat it he said. Ok great lemme start my morning chores. I flipped out of bed & into bathroom, washed my face, mouth and teeth and headed to the kitchen.

Just in case we have some visitors, I had to prepare some special kind of birthday meal. I opened the freezer..whowww bae’s got wines & spirit & different kinds of liquors. Chai God bless this man more. He never forgets special days.

In about an hour I was done cooking. I bathed the kids & a lot other chores before going to have my shower.

Bae was busy with all the catch-ups he missed on dstv so I asked he come & dress up too.

12.30pm we were driving around the city. Where do you have in mind? I don’t know o.. I responded. Dis woman… Dats how today will end & you will still not know. Lol

Having realized although much late that I had no clue for my birthday, he reversed the car and headed to where he wanted.

As I walked into this very dope place, fresh, cozy, classy, and definitely not for the faint in heart, I knew God blessed me with a gem. If na me, I for dey crash for my bed now.  Lol

We placed our orders, had some drinks, listened to some quiet music, gisted, twas all fun. (The kind of fun I wanted maybe.)

Back home, a few people came over, we had drinks, ate, chatted for a few hours, before finishing my chores. Bathing the kids, feeding etc

In between, I was replying all my Facebook posts & responding to BBM messages. I was tremendously overwhelmed.

lights out!! 11.53pm, with one eye begging to close & the other fully closed, my hands struggling to drop my phone, I finally dozed off.

Phewwww…. It’s a wrap!


8 thoughts on “Birthday gist!!!”

  1. Wow that’s lovely..I trust my guy when it comes to gbedu he will supply with all kinds of buzz till u kokorokooo…ThankGod u had a blast …..God bless ur new age and also bless ur correct hubby and kids Amen..

    Engr Duffy…


  2. Awwwwww….. Sounds so sweet…. Happy birthday dear …. I see you had mega fun with hubby… Wishing you many more blessed birthdays.. Amen


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