Wohoooo!!! I’m going to be plus one tomorrow. I’m so excited. Yippee!!! Adding another year to your life is God’s mercy. It’s a special grace. (Unmerited Favour). It is something to be exceptionally grateful for.

Today and always, I pray God’s grace & mercy continually abide with me & my household & everyone of you too.

its a time to reflect on God’s hands upon your life and be grateful for even the things you cannot see. I am grateful not just cos I’m adding another year, but because I cannot quantify His goodness upon my life & family. In everything, He says… Give thanks.

Thanking God can never be enough because He continues to show us Favour everyday of our lives one way or the other.

Some people don’t know how to show gratitude, they only know how to complain. A person who complains he has no shoes, doesn’t even realize some people have no feet.

Now relax… Take a deep breathe… Can you begin to recall so many times you’ve been saved one time or the other from one calamity or  another? Can you recall how many miracles have occurred in your life? Times when you had nothing and all of a sudden someone calls for a contract or job or even gives you an opportunity to earn one? Can you recall when you took Ill for any ailment that probably have taken so many lives but you survived?

Do you know waking every morning is a miracle? Or you think say na your alarm? You don’t get me…. Like do you realize some people are looking up to have what you have or be in your position & it’s their prayer point?

I mean… How do you not thankGod like how do you not! Seriously!

Let me ask you… Can you make a list of things to be grateful for? No go on… It’s a challenge! Can you? I bet you can’t remember all.

Nothing so far is by your human capacity, knowledge or power. Na God!

We have to live a life of gratitude, we have to learn to thankGod everyday. When you do, you attract more blessings. If you show appreciation for a little Favour, you open door for even more.

When you show appreciation to people also, it enables  you to love them more. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.

I have found that in the simple act of gratitude and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, my life is more meaningful & precious and for that I am grateful.

PS: happy birthday to me in advance.. Yayyyy!!!




6 thoughts on “Gratitude!”

  1. Hmmmmm. Hip hip hip hurrayyy. My young lady happy birth day. It’s a miracle indeed to see another birth day. I rejoice with you my lovely little sis. The rising star Shine on. Pst Ugonma Njoku.


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