The emergency go-bag. To have or not to have?

Sitting outside our balcony, gazing at the neighbourhood & nature, I caught the attention of this woman roasting & selling corn to her customers.

Keenly interested in her activities & imagining the “science & technology” involved in the process of corn-roasting, placing the charcoal, putting the fire,etc. FIRE! That thought ran through my brain again.
What if in an event such as that, or even a natural disaster like flood, or a chaos, or when violence or riot erupts unexpectedly, where houses are being razed, or people and properties being swept away by flood and one needs to evacuate immediately, what would you put in your emergency go-bag?

People living in the united states and other western part of the world can relate to this. The Hurricanes, wild- fire, tsunamis,  etc


Ok for clarity sake,  an emergency gobag is a bag filled with necessary items one thinks he/she may need and is most important to him/her during evacuation.

Water, clothes, sanitary wears, or your entire Wardrobe?( I know some ladies can’t afford to loose this) lol. Maybe some Food items? Cash? Certificates? Bible? What?! Please share.

This scenario is similar to a pregnant woman & a hospital bag. She packs every important item into a bag for hospital in preparation for child-birth.

But wait o…who in Nigeria packs a bag & waits for flood and fire? Hehe. I think Many do though, some people might be more safety- conscious than we think. I can bet some people up the northern part do have. There’s almost always some kind of uproars every now and then.
I do not have a prepared bag for such occurrence at the moment but I guess it’s something worth considering. Have you ever thought of this? There might not be hurricanes or random forest fires in Nigeria but…

I think it is necessary if not mandatory though for one to have a separate bag where such items like documents, passports, etc are contained and secluded.

Guys what do you think? Is it necessary to have an emergency go-bag or not? Whether or not you live in Nigeria.

please share your thoughts in the comments.


Jessica Hugo.


7 thoughts on “The emergency go-bag. To have or not to have?”

  1. Yes very important. But with the Robert system in this country, such things are the things thieves go for. Even when they know the bag contains only documents that they don’t need for anything but out of a wicked heart they will carry it. So I will advice, different emagency bags, documents, cloths, for me if I can grap my pause, am Okay. All my ATM cards are there at least I will have some cash on me if I lose every other thing. Though cirticates and other documents are important. One can swear affidavits to replace some and also go to appropriate quarters to apply for replacement if possible but if u loose your pause where u have ur ATM. For me it may not be easy to replace immediately. Uwill depend on people for financial assistance for sometime which may not be easy. My own emergency – go – bag is my pause.


  2. Hmm for me is very necessary and i already have one for all my documents and i always have my ATM cards in my pursue.


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