#teamnatural vs #teamrelaxed vs #teamtexlaxed.

I don’t know if to call it a trend, movement or revolution. Believe me the #teamnatural is taking over. Many women of African descent are beginning to go back to growing their hair same way it grows from its roots without altering the hair texture.

The #teamnatural idea supports the beauty of embracing our God-given kinky & curly or coily hair naturally without the use of chemicals.

You may think it’s all about women, some guys too are all about their “fros”. It has now become a fashion trend & everyone is embracing it really fast.

But come to think of it, how did it even start? Who started it? Question for the gods. Lol but as long as I can remember, Chimamanda Adichie, Solange Knowles, TY Bello are the few women I can remember who have been natural like forever. Do you remember anymore? Share in the comments section.

For me, this movement is an eye- opener to better hair-care & management in the most healthy way without damaging our hair follicles. Using items that are readily available in our kitchen & market.

Economically, this movement has reduced the cost and demand for relaxer.

The #teamrelaxed argue that one’s hair can equally be healthy even though it’s relaxed. But how long between each application of relaxer that is healthy enough for the hair? Some say six months, three months, one month, others say as often as your hair needs.
This team believes relaxed hair is more acceptable, silky and less stressful to manage. Well… Every opinion counts.

#teamtexlaxed can be equated to warm water. It’s neither hot nor cold. In colors, it’s neither black nor white. Somewhere in between both.
The texturized hair is not “exactly” relaxed nor practically natural. They say they are privileged to experience both textures and in a healthy way too.

Well again… We all have to respect people’s choices.

And really, this war should stop already. Lol.

Bottom line: your hair is your crown, do all to take good care of it in the most healthy way. #noteam #itisteamhealthyhair.



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