I looked at the clock, it’s 2pm… Time to go bring “little man” from school.
Awwggghh… I’m so engrossed with what I’m reading now but Well, I got to do what I got to do mehn.

I dragged myself up & headed to the dresser to have a little touch- up before dashing out. Gosh! I feel so weak. Urghhh… Obviously I haven’t been drinking enough water lately & when I don’t, my body always have a way of sending me the signal. Body weakness, thirst, bla bla.

First & foremost I dashed to the fridge, took out a bottle of water & gulped the whole content. I know my water intake has been poor, anyway, I decided to give myself ” the water challenge”. To take atleast eight glasses of water per day. Yes I may not keep to this but Im gonna try.

Made me realize the numerous benefits of water to the human body.

Purification of the body by eliminating toxins & waste products.
Distribution of essential nutrients like vitamins & minerals to our cells,
Energizing the muscles,
Regulation of body temperature to mention but a few.

Our body is made up of about 55-80% of water. Surprised? Water can help control your calorie intake for those looking to trim down, instead of juice or other beverages, drink water. It also helps you feel full rather than taking in more calories.

Oh did I mention it works well with the skin to help it look good? When you’re dehydrated, your skin looks more dry & wrinkled. Doesn’t mean over- hydration will erase it though lol. We should just be adequately hydrated thats all.

Always have water with you in your bag, office, wherever. Whether for shinier hair, more hair length or volume, a healthier body or a younger skin, clean water is your best bet.

Come on guys… Join me lets drink, drink and drink!
Water is life! I can’t even finish enumerating its many benefits.

Enjoy yourselves, remember to tell someone.


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