It’s Father’s Day today, a day set aside to honor men & all fathers & potential fathers. To celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and influence of fathers on their children, household, community & country at large. Usually marked every 2nd -3rd week in June each year.

As we celebrate, let us ponder what contributions we have made in the lives of our children.What legacy we are leaving behind,and what examples we are setting.

Fatherhood marks a great responsibility to teach & train our children to be exemplary leaders, outstanding, brave, intelligent and all there is, in reaching their full potential. Therefore in turn, today we honor all fathers for their immense contributions to their families & nation at large.

Without men, there would be no procreation, God has also made them the head of the home. To provide, love & direct every member of the family right.

Today, I honor my loving dad, my loving husband and all fathers and potential fathers all over the world.

Happy Father’s Day celebration y’all, hope you get all you deserve. Calls, gifts, kisses, love and all.

Have a beautiful celebration.



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